My hobbies

Dedicated to the ones that believe I've only got mountain biking in my mind!


Autumn woods

The world of photography is flat: it has no sounds nor odors, no dimensions and no movement. It is just a collection of snaphots of the immensity of space and time. Yet this is its charm: ignore everything but the true core of things.


Madone di Camedo at sunset

Painting is the most emotional form of expression, because it needs the extraordinary ability to shape and color things that don't have any shape nor color: our deepest thoughts, the emotions of an instant, the feelings of a lifetime. This way the soul of the painter fully reveals itself to the soul of the observer.

Ski mountaineering

ski mountaineering

The snow is a huge soft white canvas spread out on the mountains waiting for artists that will draw lines, curves, and delicate embroideries. These artists are the ski mountaineers, and their brushes are the skis.


Guitar and chair

The wood talks, and has many stories to tell. There is only one way to listen to: carve it, without dictating the forms, but following by his veins, supporting it, turning it into what it wants. Letting its hand guide the chisel. Because each piece of wood contains a sculpture, and the skill of the sculptor is to reveal it to the world.

Latest updates:

Sentiero del Ponale


One of the world's most spectacular trails: the Ponale trail!



The colorful crossing from Maggia Valley to Tegna!

Alpe di Trecciura


One of the best trails in Ticino!

Lago Mognola


The descend from Mognola Lake along an old stone aqueduct!