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The bikers that just begun riding offroad and the ones that don't have good technical skills will have an hard time trying to find easy trails between our steep mountains. In this page I present you some relatively easy tours that can be ridden by the bikers who want to start improving their driving skills.



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Corsgèla (762 m)


A relatively easy tour at the discovery of a hidden corner in Vallemaggia.
Skills: 2 / Strength: 1

Monti di Gerra (908 m)

Monti di Gerra

This tour in the hearth of the Gambarogno region presents a descent on a relatively wide single-trail, and allows you to improve your driving skills.
Skills: 2 / Strength: 2

Vergante (921 m)


This tour follows the Vergante's ridge, passing through Mount Scincina, Mount Cornaggia, Mount Toriggia, Mount La Guardia and Mount Tessera. The tour mainly follows gravel roads and is technically easy, still the frequent ups and downs requires good physical conditions.
Skills: 2 / Strength: 3

Val Bavona (938 m)

Sabbione Val Bavona

This tour visits the Bavona valley mainly following the paved roads, but it also offers some interesting offroad stretches at the discovery of its old villages.
Skills: 1 / Strength: 2

Monte Cargiago (796 m)

Monte Cargiago

This tour visits the trails and the fire roads that twist between the airy chestnut trees and the votive chapels of Mount Cargiago, a woody hill that overlooks Ghiffa. The trails described here are generally smooth and well maintained. This tour can thus be completed by those bikers with just average technical skills but willing to experience the thrill of a fast descent on a hiking path.
Skills: 2 / Strength: 2

La Bassa Vallemaggia (398 m)

Bassa Vallemaggia

Thanks to Vallemaggia's new cycle path, cyclists can now explore this magnificent area by staying away from motorized traffic. This itinerary follows the cycle path but combines it with some single tracks that make the experience more interesting for bikers.
Difficoltà tecnica: 2 / Difficoltà fisica: 1

La Val Capriasca (1092 m)

Val Capriasca

This tour visits the Caprisca valley outside of the paved roads, but it is still both tecnically and physically relatively easy.
Skills: 2 / Strength: 2

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