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"I browsed your book intensively. I must say it is the best book I have ever seen!"


"I lack the words to describe how much I admire this book. The pictures are amazing - and the words touching. It just makes me feel good!"


"Very nice, congratulations!!!!!!!"


"Like some previous guides (Vital Eggenberge and others) I found here some tours that I always wondered whether they would be rideable...? Many thanks and congratulations!"


"Wonderful pictures, that is the least I can say!"


"Your book is a bomb!!! An amazing trip for addicted to bike, nature, landscapes and strong emotions!!!"


"My first comment without even looking at the details: a true masterpiece!"


"Today I received your book and I just had time to leaf through it... it's fantastic."


"In the past I had the chance to ride aboit fifteen of your tours. Ride them again with your book has been exiting!"


"I got a copy of your book: just wonderful, congratulations!"


"The preface perfectly expresses what I feel when I ride in the nature! I'll enjoy your book page after page, evening after evening. Keep on this way!"


"I read your book, and it's surely more than just a mountain bike guide. It does good to the mind and to the hearth."


"I like your book very much!"


"My congratulations for the wonderful book and the awesome pictures..."


"My congratulations for your outstanding masterpiece. The people who make mountain biking not just for the hustle but also to establish a connection to the nature will get lost in the wonderful pictures, and will find, in your words, feelings that they already experienced on their skin"


"The book is amazing, really! I got lost in the pictures and in the words..."


"Congratulations, this book demonstrates that the ones who make moutain biking in a certain way, they don't do it just for insanity, but for something more."


"Just beautiful, congratulations!"


"I'm not a biker, but your itineraries fascinated me!"


"I bought your book, and the descriptions and the images are beautiful! I usually don't carry the bike for more than half an hour. I already made the following tours: Foppiana (wonderful), Garina (to make only one time in life), Trecciura (beautiful, but I already knew it), plus some more."


"The pictures really make you want to ride in Ticino. I would have loved the descriptions to be even more detailed."


"I received the book. It's beautiful! Many thanks! I will recommend it to everyone! I never saw a bike guide in this form. Noone can describe better than this the emotions of mountain biking!"


"Very nice, beautiful pictures and good explanations. From all the tours, there are 4 or 5 that I haven't done yet, but I'll try them this summer, as I saw they are very nice."


"The ones who are not used to your website get struck by the beaty of the pictures but also by the choise of the trails, some of which are previously unpublished!!"


"I like it from every point of view (words, layout and pictures). Congratulations!"


"A must have...!"


"Both the pictures and the tours are beautiful."


"Finally I got your book... yesterday I tried the tour number 6, really nice even though I couldn't enjoy the scenery because of the fog... I'll get beack there! Now I will discover the other ones... congratulations, really awesome and diffirent from usual MTB guidebooks, which are usually very precise, but don't have a soul!"


"I received your book as a gift, and i wore it out just by reading it... amazing pictures, fantastic trails... event though some are a little crazy... but it's OK like that. Very interesting becasue it comprises all Ticino..."


"The sentence in the introduction is exacty right! This is writing that touches the hearth of the ones that know the mountain... and maybe even of the city people..."


"I think this is absolutely the best mountain bike book. The dream pictures and the poetical language make the readers live your experience. Until now the mountain bike literature was uninteresting, so your book is by far the best. A meditation."


"...what can I say, just spectacular!"

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