The best trails

Ticino's mountains are high and steep at first sight, and they don't seem to be suitable for mountain biking. However we have some fantastic trails that are waiting to be discovered. Some of them are described in this page.



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Alpe di Trecciura (1160 m)

Alpe di Trecciura

Awesome sceneries and a very long and flowy descent are the ingredients of this tour in the Gambarogno region.
Skills: 3 / Strength: 3

Gazzirola (2116 m)


The itinerary that climbs up to the roof of Southern Ticino is very difficult both from the technical and from the physical side. This tour can thus be accomplished only by expert bikers. That's the right time to be honest with yourself!
Skills: 4 / Strength: 4

Morobbia Valley (2012 m)

Morobbia Valley

A tough and scenic tour that follows the footsteps of smugglers on the border between Switzerland and Italy.
Skills: 4 / Strength: 4

Alpe di Brunescio (1618 m)

Alpe di Brunescio

Exploring Vallemaggia's ancient rural life along the shepherds trails.
Skills: 3 / Strength: 3

Monte Carza (1116 m)

Monte Carza

The climb described here starts in Cannero and leads to the summit of Monte Carza mainly following paved roads. The descent takes place on the trails and pathways that wrap up the northern side of the mountain.
Skills: 3 / Strength: 3

Passo del Sole (2376 m)

Passo del Sole

Passo del Sole and Passo dell'Uomo are two classical MTB tours, but the itinerary proposed by extremeMTB connects them together and adds a nice descent along the single-tracks of Val Piora.
Skills: 3 / Strength: 3

Monte Sette Termini (972 m)

Monte Sette Termini

This itinerary follows the steep tracks that cross the thick pinewood on the northern side of Monte Sette Termini and Monte La Nave. The scenic places are just a few, but they unveil unusual views over the land that lies between Lake Maggiore and Lake Ceresio.
Skills: 3 / Strength: 3

Cima della Trosa (1869 m)

Cima della Trosa

This panoramic mountain can only be reached by foot, but it offers a superbe descent in the slopes between Valle Verzasca and the Maggiore lake.
Skills: 4 / Strength: 4

Bassa di Nara (2123 m)

Bassa di Nara

A very difficult tough itinerary that connects Val Leventina and Val di Blenio!
Skills: 4 / Strength: 5

Alpe di Naccio (1394 m)

Alpe di Naccio

In spite of his remote position, Alpe di Naccio can be reached quite easily by mountain bikers. The descent towards Brissago is technically difficult but offers very nice views over the Maggiore lake.
Skills: 3 / Strength: 2

Alpe di Foppiana (1495 m)

Alpe di Foppiana

This tour crosses the ridges of Sassariente and presents long sections on technical single-trails, even in the way forth.
Skills: 4 / Strength: 3

Val Agario (1495 m)

Alpe Agario

Val Agario is a pearl hidden in the Malcantone woods, and deserves a visit especially in autumn, when the threes show a stunning color palette.
Skills: 2 / Strength: 3

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