Val Bavona

The Bavona is one of the ticino's wildest valleys. The impervious peaks in summer generate landslips and in winter avalanches, while the stream, apparenty quiet, can cause huge floods. The natural disaster kept however the urbanization away, and entering the valley today is like to make a jump in the past.


Cavergno - Foroglio - San Carlo - Roseto - Foroglio - Cavergno

Data sheet

Region: Vallemaggia
Altitude: 938 m
Ascent: 489 m
Length: 23 km
Time: 1.5 - 2 hours
Unrideable time: 2 - 3 minutes
Season: March - November
Skills: 1
Strength: 2
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A due ruote dal cielo

The details of this track are described in the book!


The tour begins in Cavergno, following the paved road towards San Carlo. The first part goes past a narrow gorge, then the valley gets wider and you'll reach the first villages. The landscape is marked by many boulders that came down from the mountains in the past, like the big stone on the side of the road by Fontana, on which the inhabitants of the village wrote their despair when a landslip covered the fields.
In Foroglio the nature shows its force again, with the amazing waterfall of Calnègia that shows a drop of almost 300 feets.


The last village that belongs to Cavergno is Sonlerto, that was build over the boulders of on ancient landsplip. From there on the scenery is dominated by the stones, until you will reach the misterious church of Gannariente and then San Carlo, a village that belongs to Bignasco.

Fording near Sonlerto

The first part of the descent follows the paved road. In Sonlerto a single-track crosses the fields and leads to a small bridge. On the other side of the river the track goes through some ups and downs and reaches the villages of Faedo and Roseto. There you have to get back to the right side of the river, where another single-track is waiting for you. On its side you can see a boulder with another writing that tells the story of the man that was hit and killed by that boulder.


Further down a short unrideable section leads to Foroglio, where yet another bridge crosses the river. The track continues on the right of the paved road, and finally ends in Ritorto. The best way to return to Cavergno is to stay on the road, but for the riders with very good technical skills there is a very difficult single-track that links Mondada to Cavergno.

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