Passo Campolungo

The tour of Northern Ticino in just one day... on the maps the 160 kilometers and 2200 metri ascent seem relatively easy, but sometimes maps lie...


Giumaglio - Cavergno - Fusio - Passo Campolungo - Passo Venett - Alpe Cadonigo - Dalpe - Faido - Biasca - Bellinzona - Locarno - Giumaglio

Data sheet

Region: Sopraceneri
Altitude: 2318 m
Ascent: 2168 m
Length: 127 km
Time: 7 hours
Unrideable time: 30 minutes
Season: June - October
Skills: ND
Strength: ND
GPS Data: -
Map: -


I patiently climb the Maggia Valley up to Fusio, then I take the narrow scenic road that leads to Alpe Zaria, with the threes that become rare and the air that gets clear and chilly.

Gravel road below Alpe Zaria

The noisy circus of the Alpe welcomes me with moos and bell rings that follow me when I start carrying my bike along the ascent on the steep meadows below Passo Campolungo.

Passo Campolungo

The descent on the opposite side of the pass, towards the Leventina Valley, is pretty tough. The path is carved into a marble plate and even though it is relatively wide, it is so bumpy and crumbly that breaking and steering is very difficult.

Descent from Passo Campolungo

The second pass of the day, Passo Venett, also presents some marble surfacings, but it's more flowy. Still the slipper surface and the tight hairpin turns make it very demanding.

Trail near Passo Venett

Near Alpe Cadonighino the marble that decorates these mountains disappears under the ground, and the single-track turns into a dirt road which take me down to the valley. Then I get to the Leventina's main road, which seems very boring in comparison to the show of the mountains I visited. But I'll have to live with it for many kilometers...

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