Val Capriasca

The forest of the Capriasca valley hide many small villages that amazingly managed to avoid the urbanization. A few dirt road managed to venture into the woods, but their presence is discreet and the road traffic didn't manage to ruin the peace of these hills yet.


Sala Capriasca - Bigorio - Sciss - Condra - Stinchè - Gola di Lago - Zalto Vecchio - Caslascio - Screvia - Lopagno - Tesserete - Sala Capriasca

Data sheet

Region: Luganese
Altitude: 1092 m
Ascent: 640 m
Length: 16 km
Time: 1.5 - 3 hours
Unrideable time: 5 - 15 minutes
Season: March - November
Skills: 2
Strength: 2
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Date: 3 November 2006

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A due ruote dal cielo

The details of this track are described in the book!


This itinerary begins in Sala Capriasca. Follow the red signs that indicate a mountain bike tour proposed by the Tourism Office of Lugano. The road goes past the Saint Mary Convent in Bigorio and ends in a parking lot near Sciss di fuori. Take the trail that goes through the steep meadows of Sciss and Pambio, and then reaches the nice houses of Condra that rest in the shadows of the wood.


A sign on a house indicates "Via alla montagna", which means "path to the mountain". Here you have to walk for a short interval, then you will reach a smooth single-track that in 2003 was part of the World MTB Championship.

Single-track in the wood

After a while you will get on a dirt road that has a record slope. It will bring you up to Matro di Stinchè and then down to Gola di Lago, where you'll arrive after an amusing section taht follows the bump of the ground. Here you'll get to an intersection. Follow the single-track on the left, that disappears between the threes.
The first part is easy, but then some difficult parts wiull force you to walk. After a series of ups and downs you will reach Zalto Vecchio, on the opposite side of Val Capriasca. Here yopu will fly between stone houses, with a digression on the gravel road that leads to Davra.

Technical section

Get back on the single-track. You will Pass Davra, Picchetta, Pian Passamonte and Sorè: the many villages that lye in the plates are fascinating architectural pearls. The trail that connects these little worlds is mainly wide and flowy, and seems to habe been build for mountain bikes. After the first villages the track enters in a birch wood and is more narrow and difficult. In Caslascio you will however find nice meadows again, and in front of you you will see Lugano and its lake, surrounded by the mountains that made it famous worldwide.

Descent near Screvia

In Screvia take the single-track on the left. Keep this direction ingnoring the shortcuts, and you will get to a wide double tracks that ends in Lopagno. From there, you can follow the paved road to get back to Sala Capriasca.

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