Passo di Cristallina

Passo di Cristallina is the watershed that separates the Bedretto valley from the Bavona valley. It is hidden between higher mountains, but still it offers a nice view over the Basodino glacier and the small lakes that lie underneath.


Cavergno - Fusio - Passo del Naret - Passo di Cristallina - Robiei - San Carlo - Cavergno

Data sheet

Region: Val Bedretto
Altitude: 2568 m
Ascent: 2360 m
Length: 63.5 km
Time: 7 hours
Unrideable time: 4 hours
Season: July - October
Skills: ND
Strength: ND
GPS Data: -
Map: -


We begin this tour in Cavergno, following the road of the Lavizzara valley past Fusio and further, up to the Naret lakes. The last kilometers are very steep, but we try to preserve or forces for the toughest part, which still has to come. At the end of the ascent we take the gravel road that runs along the southern shore of the lake, then we follow the path that climbs up to Passo del Naret. This is the first stretch where the bikes have to be carried.

Passo del Naret

The pass gives us some pedaling sections ad a gift, then we plounge into the Bedretto valley. There are some very difficult passages, then at 2214 meters above sea level the path begins to climb, and we have to carry the bikes again until we reach the refuge on the Cristallina pass.

Capanna Cristallina

The descent into the Bavona valley is fantastic, but we have to pay attention to some dangerous sections. Along the descent the Basodino glacier keeps an eyes on us, but the weather seems to get worse.

Lago Sfundau

Past the Sfundau lake things start to get worse, and we have to walk again. From here down to the Bianco lake the rideable parts will be just a few.

Discent with MTB on the shoulders

Near the Bianco lake we find a paved road that takes us to Robiei. The roads ends there, and there are still 1'000 meters elevation to ride down on a single-trail. We're getting exhausted, but this trail is better. There are still some undoable passages, but some are very flowy too!
The adventure ends in San Carlo, where the paved road takes us to Cavergno.

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