Alpe di Foppiana

When millions of years ago the African Plate collided with Europe, the land rose up towards the sky to form the chain of the Alps. The indented ridge of Sassariente, that starts in Alpe di Foppiana, is the witness of this geological cataclysm.


Cugnasco - Curogna - Monti di Ditto - Monti Motti - Monti della Scesa - Alpe di Foppiana . Monti della Gana - Curogna - Cugnasco

Data sheet

Region: Val Colla
Altitude: 1495 m
Ascent: 1287 m
Length: 26 km
Time: 3.5 - 6 hours
Unrideable time: 5 - 30 minutes
Season: April - November
Skills: 4
Strength: 3
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A due ruote dal cielo

The details of this track are described in the book!


This tour begins in Cugnasco. Follow the paved road that climbs the vineyards and the chestnut woods on the northern side of the village. Suddendly, behind a turn, you will meet the sunny fields of Monti Motti. Behind the first houses a private road enters the woods and it stops after a few turns. Follow the single-track that begins near the last turn. Even tough it goes uphill, it is relatively well rideable and it will take you Alpe di Foppiana.

Uphill un the woods over Monti Motti

In the lower part of the Alpe there is the single-track that heads towards Monti della Gana. The very first part is flat, but soon it begins to get down into a thick pinewood. The trsurail face is hard and presents many roots, then the wood becomes sparse and there will be a long diagonal path to reach Monti di Gola Secca. Monti della Gana can be reached after some more demanding sections.

Downhill below Monti Velloni

A paved road will welcome you in Monti della Gana, but after following it downwards for a few hundreds meters you can take the double track on the left. This will take you through the fields of Monti Pianelle and between the houses of Monti Velloni, where the path makes an abrupt turn on the left.

Discesa verso Curogna

Then you will traverse some rocky woods down to Curogna, and after some technical stretches you will reach a secundary road. Follow it on the right, and it will take you back to the paved road that goes down to Cugnasco.

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