Monti di Gerra

Thanks to its position on the northern side of the mountains, in summer the Gambarogno is one of the most sunny regions of Ticino. After the fall equinox however the sun can't get over the mountains anymore, and the shadow takes over the thick forests and the small villages on the shore of the Maggiore lake. This is the last chance to make a tour at the discovery of this region.


Gerra - Cheventino - Monti di Gerra - Pianascio - Cheventino - Gerra

Data sheet

Region: Gambarogno
Altitude: 908 m
Ascent: 711 m
Length: 11 km
Time: 1 - 1.5 hours
Unrideable time: 0 minutes
Season: March - November
Skills: 2
Strength: 2
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A due ruote dal cielo

The details of this track are described in the book!


This tour begins in the Gerra Gambarogno river delta. Follow the road that climbs between the villas. At 420 meters above sea level the road enters the wood and then it leads to Monti di Gerra. Keep following it past the Monti, and after a few minutes you will reach the end of the road. Here you can enjoy a very nice view over the Maggiore lake and the Locarno river delta.

Monti di Gerra

The descent begins on a straight line, on the side of the pasture. After some easy steps it crosses a chestnut wood and it reaches Monti di Gerra. Here the trail becomes flowy, and it visits the nice stone houses surrounded by vineyards and fruit trees.

Monti di Gerra

Near the last houses a hiking sign indicates the single-track to Gerra. The slope is constant but the trail surface is bumpy and you have to ride carefully. On the way down you will cross the paved road a couple of times, but you can keep following the path. Further down you'll have to follow the road for a while, but the trail is waiting for you by a tight hairpin turn, not so far down.

Monti di Gerra

The last stretch is longer and leads you back to 420 meters above sea level, where it leaves the wood. Follow the paved road backwards to return to the starting point.

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