Alpe di Naccio

Alpe di Naccio lies on the long ridge that runs along the northwestern side of the Maggiore lake. Its grassy slopes offer a magnificient view in all directions, but an even more extraordinary show is the one that you can enjoy form the Magadino plain just befor sunset, when the sun hangs back to play with the clouds and the wind, jealous and angry, chases them and breaks them up.


Campea di Fuori (Monti di Ronco) - Porera - Casone - Alpe di Naccio - Rovere - Bassuno - Piano - Campea di Fuori

Data sheet

Region: Locarnese
Altitude: 1394 m
Ascent: 557 m
Length: 12 km
Time: 1.5 - 2.5 hours
Unrideable time: 5 - 20 minutes
Season: March - November
Skills: 3
Strength: 2
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Cima della Trosa

Date: 10 May 2008

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A due ruote dal cielo

The details of this track are described in the book!


The start of this tour is in Campea di fuori, at 853 meters above sea level on the road that starts in Ronco Sopra Ascona and climbs towards the sky. The ascent presents some steep ramps that ends near Porera, where a gate blocks the cars.

Trail to Alpe di Naccio

On the other side of the gate the road is still steep, but on your left you will enjoy a superbe view over the lake, while Alpe di Naccio will appear in front of you, in the middle of a shady field. The road has one more hairpin turn, then it gets over the hump. Here look for a pathway on the left, which will take you to the Alpe. The groundy is bumpy but it's mostly rideable.

Pathways towards Alpe di Naccio

Near the first stone houses there a single-track that heads down towards the lake. Follow it, you will get to a rocky hump with an hiking sign. Take the path towards Bassuno. The ground is loose and jagged, but with some calm and patience you can get over the obstacles. You must ingnore a couple of bifurcations on the left (Alpe Morghegno), and keep heading south.

Beginning of the discent

After 1 kilometer descent you will get on the side of a valley that arises from the slopes of mount Gridone. The trail remains on the side of this valley, descending with many hairpin-turns. At the first bifurcation head right, at the second head left, and after many bumps you will reach Bassuno, where you'll find a paved road.

Downhill towards Bassuno

Follow the road downwards for less than a kilometer. Near the first hairpin turn you will find a gravel road on the left that will bring you back to Campea di fuori. Before getting back to the beginning of the tour you will still have to walk down a very steep and slipper stairway.

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