Passo del Sole

The mountain chain taht separates Lucomagno from Val Piora is a universe of stones. At first sight they look like they fell after having been piled up, and they scattered in the fields. When you carefully look at them you will however find a complex patchwork of line and shapes that extend to form an immense artwork : the Alps.


Alpe Casaccia - Lucomagno - Passo dell'Uomo - Cadagno - Alpe Carorescio - Passo del Sole - Lareccio - Alpe Casaccia

Data sheet

Region: Val di Blenio
Altitude: 2376 m
Ascent: 968 m
Length: 24 km
Time: 3 - 5.5 hours
Unrideable time: 0 - 10 minutes
Season: July - October
Skills: 4
Strength: 4
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Passo del Sole

Date: 31 July 2005

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A due ruote dal cielo

The details of this track are described in the book!


This tour starts in Alpe Casaccia, which is located below Passo del Lucomagno. Follow the main road upwards, and after reaching the pass, take the gravel road that runs along the Santa Maria lake. The road will take you to the bottom of Val Termine, where the slope increases so much that it almost gets unrideable. After the toughest part the slope decreases and they valley gets wider. Some pastures finally announce Passo dell'Uomo, the first target of the day.

Passo dell'Uomo

Take the narrow single-track marked by an hiking sign on the other side of the pass. After a first bumpy stretch it will take you on the edge of a wast gorge, then it follows the bottom of the valley, which slowly gets more friendly.

Passo dell'Uomo

Near the Cadagno lake the trail merges into a gravel road which you'll have to follow for a few hundred meters. Then take the trail on the right. It will bring you to Alpe di Pioda and then down to the lake.

Passo dell'Uomo

The trail sorrounds the lake and ends in Cadagno. Here starts the ascent along the gravel road towards Passo del Sole. Past Alpe Carorescio the double-track gets very steep. Keep the right at the bifurcation. You will enter the land of the groundhogs. Climb one more steep section and you'll reach the second pass of the day.

Passo del Sole

On the other side of the pass the trail is initially made difficult by the numerous stones that cover the ground. Past a gorge it gets way better, and it follows sone deep and flowy tracks that are carved in the meadows. Here the only problem is the width of the tracks, which is sometimes lower than the distance between the pedals. Afters some exposed sections you will reach the isolated stone houses of Lareccio, where you can take the gravel road that takes you back to the starting point after crossing a magnificient scenery of fields and woods.

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