Pizzo di Vogorno

Pizzo di Vogorno is a huge pile of stones and rocks. Seen from far away its summit seems very difficult to climb with a mountain bike. Seen from near too...


Gerra Piano - Monti di Ditto - Monti della Gana - Alpe di Sassello - Capanna Borgna - Pizzo di Vogorno - Alpe Bardughè - Vogorno - Gerra Piano

Data sheet

Region: Val Verzasca
Altitude: 2442 m
Ascent: 2242 m
Length: 10 km
Time: 5.5 hours
Unrideable time: 2.5 hours
Season: June - October
Skills: ND
Strength: ND
GPS Data: -
Map: -


From Gerra Piano to Monti della Gana the itinerary follows the paved roads, but from there on all what's left are alpine pathways and goat's pathways. The ascent on the path presents a long series of ups and downs, and the summit seems never to get closer. I have to walk most of the time...
At 1912 meter above sea level I reach the Borgna refuge, the last sign of civilization. Past the refuge I find myself in a wast desert of grass and stones. I advance slowly between the stones that distort the distances, and I could be on a Tibetan plain, or in a Peruvian desert...

Climb to Pizzo Vogorno

A vertical wall brings me back to reality. I have to overcome it hanging on to the rocks and hanging on to the bike. It's the last obstacle before reaching the summit.

Pizzo Vogorno

From the summit there's a 360 degrees view over the lake side villages and the impervious Verzasca's mountains. In a clear day the Lombardian planes and the big mountains of the Alps can also be admired. A break here is more than deserved...

Alpe Bardughè

On the other side the path is unrideable as well... until I reach the stone houses of Bardughè. The path that connects Bardughé to the villages on the lake side was built to bring the cattle up here, and it's amazingly well rideable.

Descent towards Vogorno

From there on there's just a few obstacles, and the descent towards Vogorno is packed with speed and adrenalin...

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