Survival tips

The mountain bike, like every object made of wheels and metallic tubes, can be very dangerous. You could fall, slip, crash or smash. But the risks can be significantly reduced by following some simple rules. So here's some hints, derived from my personal experience, to fall, slip, crash and smash as little as possible...


With a MTB you can go to many places, but not everywhere. Before flinging yourself into mad expeditions, inquire about the conditions of the roads and of the tracks, the mountain refuges and the alternative ways. Avoid going on blindly, 'cause you could find yourself in unwelcoming places...



Being able to turn the handlebar is not enough if you're driving your MTB on harsh ground. Learn how to manage the brakes and to move your body forth and back to face the steepest climbs and the toughest descents.



The secret for survival is to always be attentive. While you're pedaling, don't get distracted by the stunning landscape and by any object you might see on earth or in the sky. Your eyes must always be fixed on the road, 'cause if you don't see an obstacle, you won't be able to overcome it.



When you're facing a challenging obstacle, decide in advance what you're going to do, and don't change your mind anymore. Your bike won't forgive you if you don't know what you're doing!



The fact that everyone is looking at you doesn't automatically increase your skills. Stop and get down of your bicycle when the road gets too hard for you. That might be a dishonor, but it's still better than falling...


Never alone

Men aren't made for being alone. Find a reliable friend that will always follow you without complaining. In case you'll be in troubles, he'll be there to help you out. And if you don't even find a dog that wants to come with you, tell someone where you're going to and what time you're supposed to be back.

never alone


Always check your MTB before you leave, especially the brakes and the main screws. If the handlebar comes loose while your going down at 60 mph, you'll regret not having looked at it before.



There's no way you can foresee when and how you're going to fall. That's the reason why you should always wear an helmet.



Always carry a mobile phone and the tyre repair kit. If you're travelling thorough a region that you don't know well, you should also take care to bring a detailed map and a compass or a GPS. And to be able to use them...


Always land on your feet

Never to fall is impossible. The most important rule is thus very simple: learn to fall on your feet... A rule that is very helpful everywhere, not only in mountain biking!

land on your feet

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